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I prepared this checklist for writers planning to submit to ILLUMINATION-Curated publication. However, these points can be used for any publication on Medium or other content platforms on the web. I prepared this article to serve as a giveback to the writers’ community.

Many thanks for the feedback provided to the story raising quality bars of ILLUMINATION. Our readers are impressed and delighted by the improvement. Please review our position as we will implement the rules in these guidelines.

Publication Conduct Guidelines

Rules of engagement and cross-pollination at three levels

Some writers at Level 1 want to move to Level 2, and many writers at L2 wish to progress towards L3 goals. This initiative is an ongoing process. As an editorial team, we will continue to support these transitioning activities and help you transform your writing to the desired levels.

Based on the request from some committed writers who take personal responsibility for their progress, I prepared a checklist to help with the submission process. You can use this checklist before submitting your stories both to ILLUMINATION and to ILLUMINATION-Curated

Well written stories from ILLUMINATION can be nominated to be transferred to ILLUMINATION-Cur

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